Frequently Asked Questions

What do I do if I don’t like the design from the Architect?

The architect or designer should offer at least 3 revisions of the design proposal made. Be sure to keep a record on what what agreed before the architect or designer starts the design work.

To minimize conflict of this sort, Archsplace advise you to communicate in as much detail as possible, the details of your desired project. As well as potentially starting out with a smaller section of project you need, before hiring the architect or designer for the full scope of design work.

What happens if the Architect does not uphold the deadline?

Be aware of which terms are agreed with the architect or designer. You are free to negotiate and agree on any consequence for the architect or designer, for this scenario.

Is there any limits on size of project and price?

No, there are no limits as to how small or how large the projects scope or price can be. But we do advise you to make payments in milestones on larger projects.

Are the architects licensed and can the projects be used legally?

Before hiring any architect for the project type “3. Construction details”, you must be sure to verify with the architect that: 1. They are licensed architects, and can legally work in the area of where the project will be executed. 2. The architect is up to date with the local building regulations and zoning laws, for the area in which the project will be executed.

Archsplace takes no legal responsibility in the matters of project validity.