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How the ranking of professionals work?

Currently Archsplace awards 3 ranking levels to the professionals in the platform, all based on objective requirements. The ranking levels are called: PRO, EXPERT and ELITE. In this article we explain what they are, and some of the requirements to achieve them.


The Archsplace PRO rank is the first you get, it enables you to access the project requests feed. It also allows you to contact 3 clients per day, through the project requests and chat system. Since there is a daily limit, we recommend that you choose the ones with best match score.

To achieve the PRO rank, you need to have an approved profile. To summarize the requirements; your profile need to have at least 6 projects, 1 service and a profile picture or company logo. Then, the Archsplace Team, who themselves are trained architects, will review your profile, activate it and award the PRO rank, if it fulfills the requirements.


The Archsplace EXPERT rank is awarded to the professionals that succeed in presenting a portfolio of very high quality. In short, your projects shall reflect a combination of both functionality and aesthetic. Archsplace also consider the presentational skills, that need to be of very high level. You need to demonstrate proficiency and knowledge about professional digital modelling, 3D rendering, lighting settings and texture visualization.

If you think that your presentational skills do not reflect your professional architecture or design proficiencies, we suggest hiring a 3D professional to update your projects, in order to be awarded this rank level.

The professionals that are awarded this rank, can contact 6 clients per day. Furthermore, they gain access to more serious clients, that fill out more details in their project requests.


The Archsplace ELITE rank is currently the highest rank level. It is manually awarded to the professionals that already have broad practical experience in their field, and a very high level of architecture or design. One of the requirements to get the ELITE rank, is to have professional pictures of your executed projects, displayed in your portfolio. By professional pictures, we mean pictures produced by professional architecture photographers.

The professionals awarded with ELITE rank, gain access to the most exclusive project requests, and can contact 10 clients per day. Furthermore, they are given priority visibility throughout the Archsplace platform, increasing the chances for direct client enquiries.

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